Alliance Realty Group is a full service property management company specializing in Office Buildings, Medical Space and Warehouse/Industrial Space in the Central Ohio area.  We provide comprehensive management services going beyond routine maintenance; offering services including sales, leasing, site supervision, construction management, maintenance and accounting services.  

Management is one of the most critical aspects of owning investment real estate.  The expertise that Alliance Realty Group brings to the process will greatly increase your chances for succeeding in this venture.  We allow our clients to relax with the Peace-of-Mind that their real estate investment is well-managed and their return is maximized. 

Why Choose to have a property management company?

Commercial property today is subject to quite as many physical ills and problems as the average man.  There are problems of environment, marketing, finance and aging.  Properly conceived and managed, your property of whatever type can have a long and productive life followed by graceful and still productive life followed by graceful and still productive advanced age, but the property must be pampered and administered during every stage of its existence.  It needs someone with the overall knowledge of Engineering, Architecture, Construction, Decorating, Maintenance, City Planning and Finance who knows how to analyze property and how to prescribe the specialized advice and assistance required, one who can anticipate needs and initiate corrective means in advance of emergency.

Why Choose Alliance Realty Group?

We will provide fast professional services while maintaining the property, holding down expenses, therefore, maximizing your cash flow and increasing the value of your investment.  Most importantly, we manage each property as if it were part of our own investment portfolio, with our sleeves up and a can-do attitude!