Alliance Realty Group                         


                                                                          6655 Post Road, Dublin, OH

“Amid this incredible technology change, we are introducing a concept dating back to the 1940s that preaches taking care of the customer.  Too many companies are using technology in a way that hurts them by alienating them from their clients.  We are going back to using people and using technology to enable our people to do a better job of servicing our clients.”

Alliance Realty Group is a full-service real estate company offering a full complement of services including sales, leasing, site supervision, construction management, property management and investment analysis.  While our team has a combined 44 years of direct commercial real estate experience in the Greater Columbus market, we have the distinct advantage of having a small customer base, allowing us to focus our efforts and customize our services around your needs.  We have successfully demonstrated this ability time and time again for our clients.          

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